I Can Feel You Here – Moments in Perfection

It is been in the most mundane of moments –
When something switches on in my brain of its own accord.
Like a wire was crossed before, but now it is not.
Immediately, the air around me seems to come alive – electric.

As I trace the sponge across the next dish,
I suddenly feel every movement like a dance.
Every twitch and contraction of every muscle –
every motion feels perfectly choreographed.

If sweetness could be felt through sense of touch, I’ve suddenly felt it.
My skin feels a strange buzz, as if I just took a caffeine shot.

My mind and heart suddenly open with a strange knowing –
perhaps a remembering of something long forgotten yet always near.
Every concern is all at once released with a smile –
as I remember my purpose, which exists in every moment.
It is a deep smile – a full smile – a smile I forgot I had.

Suddenly, I feel every object I lay eyes on –
like an energy line runs between us.

I can feel the love genius at the core of everyone and everything.
Anyone who comes to mind appears as a higher self.
“I can feel you here,” I whisper to God, friends, my lover, and life itself –
“I can feel you.”

The veil slips away, and I connect to the real beings that were always there.

The breath rushes out of my lungs and my eyes widen in astonishment –
as an energy wave rushes over me and elevates my every sense.
It is in this moment that I know you have heard me.

You – reading this, you writing this –
Even you holding a space for this to exist.
I can feel you.

It is in this moment, that I know I’m standing in the middle of perfection.
I know I am a unique perfection brushing up against perfection.
I always have been.
I know you are here, and you are perfection too.

Tears gather at the corner of my eyes –
even as a soothingly cool angelic hand seems to graze my face.
I can feel the power of love’s energy reverberating in every atom –
Inescapable. It vibrates in all things..

This is a strange, hidden power.
I am in you, and you are in me.
I can feel you.

Somehow, being this close and feeling the depth of your beauty –
it makes me long all the more to dive further into you.
Somehow, the closer I get, the more I remember your infinity.
Must that mean I truly forgot you?
What is this strange trick?

Is it possible that I miss you –
even as I am already falling into you?

Nothing can stop this dive.
I don’t want to stop it.
Must love be my deep fate?

So be it.

I can feel you in all things.

Om Shanti

Thank you.

– Austin

Does God Have Faith?

The Sistine Chapel God and David

Do you think you are alone up there – deep into the cosmos, god?
Have you traveled too far into infinity?
Do you think there’s no one and nothing left to experience or learn?
Does it feel like you’ve swallowed existence up in one divine gulp, god?

Then consider this my strange gift to you, he who would be God.
Consider this a divine arrow shot to vanquish the loneliness of your infinite path.
Consider my playful trotting and my youth a mystery you still have not understood.

Does it feel like everyone and all things are moving toward you yet, god?
Does it feel like there’s no other place to walk but toward you?
Do you think you’re already infinity?
Do you feel like you’re already God?

Fear not, for infinity is not something to be grasped.
Infinity is it’s own gift, for it holds it’s own paradox.
And what is this paradox, god?

That all is one, and in the oneness, lies an infinity of beings.
That you are still seen and understood by someone worthy.
Someone worthy of looking at you eye to eye.
Holding you in form, just as you hold him in form.

That no height is ever too high to climb, god.
That no awareness will encompass awareness itself.
That god’s themselves are guided and given faith.

There is, of course, the secret knowledge.

That the path of the oldest one is one we can never catch him on.
That he is not only found deep on the path.
That he is not only found high upon the mountain of infinity.
But also at the foothills.

The quietest and meekest voice will always be closest to God.

Have you climbed too far up the infinite slopes?
Are you looking back down and feeling alone against the infinite rock?
Does the world beneath you cease to exist?

Then come back down, come further up, and come further in.

This is the great paradox.
The peak of your mountain is the foothill of another’s.
Your are great and infinite, and we honor you for that.
We thank you for and accept your guidance.

But we have a gift for you too, god.
We are just as real as you are.

God Infinity and ManInfinity is not bagged up within us any more than it is in you.
Look deep into our eyes and find your own haven there.
Find the bridge to infinity in our childlike eyes, just as in yours.
We are keepers of the trust just as you are.

Do you fear you’ve become God?
Then come back down the slopes and into the village.

There is a home here that you must live in to truly understand.
The coming down is the creation of a new world and a new guidance you haven’t known yet.

We are proud, and that is our gift to you, god.
We exist.

Come into our camp, and you will find a beautiful dance and song.
We dance and cheer for a still higher God and for ourselves.
For the higher God honors our camp too.

For I am, we are, and you are too, god.
All is one and all is infinitely distinct and separate.

The Mountain to GodClimb up.
Come down.
Come further in.
It makes no difference.

You are both guided and free.
You are loved by someone worthy of love.
Everything is deeply home.
Everything is deeply safe.

Everything is ok.
It’s as real down here as up there.
Welcome back into life.
For you are not God, but rather, OF God.

You are never alone, god.
God is always infinitely behind, ahead, and within.
And so are we.

God is the path.
And the path is perfect.
Will you walk it with us?

Austin Sign

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The Picture Will Remind Me of You

A Poem written to my beautiful wife, Haley – to the tune of this song:

My soul is tied up in yours in this moment.
Every drop of my emotion is fused to the gentle touch of your love.

The deeper I gaze into the eyes of love,
the more she gazes back and through my every cell.

When I imagine the infinity of experiences ahead of me on this eternal path –
the faces, people, loves had, and loves lost,
I can’t help but notice –
The fingers of my heart clinging to yours through all eternity.

If we should continue forward into infinity,
and if all the world should bend and morph into an endless array of new things,
I shall keep this one selfish, familiar thing for me –

In the depth of my spirit,
I will carry the snapshot and picture of our love in this transcendent moment.

I will carry it forward.

So that all faces and experiences that follow –
all loves had and loves lost –
All shall feel a hidden and secret familiarity.

In the face of every love, I will see the twinkle of your gentle soul.

I will afford myself this selfishness –
I will allow this picture of our souls entwined to continue on.
It shall remain unchanged – you shall remain unchanged.

I will keep this picture.
I will bring you with me,
to be with me for all ages, all lives past and present-

The picture kept will remind me.

Our love shall live on through all other hearts –
through all other moments.

In this way, I will never forget you.
All of existence will feel the ice and fire of my love for you.
All of existence will be my reminder – my perfect photograph.

In this way,
all of existence will feel and be our home.

I love you, Haley Monster.

Austin Sign

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Do Not Be A Slave To Thoughts

You will be slave to no man and no lesser thought.

Your burden is not the difficulty of life.
It is not your daily struggles that weigh you down.

Your burden is to live under the tyranny of lesser thoughts.
Heavy is the yoke of a lowly thought made high,
For it begs desperately to sink.

Whether it be yours or someone else’s,
may no thought become an idol for you.

It is the reverence of fools to labor under any authority that does not make them free.
But you are not a fool are you?

Look deep,
And know that is not in your obedience but in your epiphanies that authority is discovered.
Indeed, you must follow a rule after all, for it is madness not to.

Yet let your rule be of a special character.
Should anyone ask of it, may it be the task of bagging infinity to describe it.

May the explosion of insight in your own mind light the way.
May you bow to no thought that has not been divinely illuminated for you.

Thus will you bow only to beautiful thoughts.
Your peace and cooperation among men will not be a cowardly compromise.
Instead, a triumph.

May your power and peace burst from the well-spring within you.
May you consult your own window on infinity for answers.

This mystery I give you:
The power is not you, but it is in you.
The power is infinitely explosive,
yet steadier and more peaceful than any rock or any meadow.

May your journey inward reveal the key to this great mystery.
May you release its power into the world.

That is your only true duty to any thought.
To release its gift, should it have one, into the world.


Austin Sign