Does God Have Faith?

The Sistine Chapel God and David

Do you think you are alone up there – deep into the cosmos, god?
Have you traveled too far into infinity?
Do you think there’s no one and nothing left to experience or learn?
Does it feel like you’ve swallowed existence up in one divine gulp, god?

Then consider this my strange gift to you, he who would be God.
Consider this a divine arrow shot to vanquish the loneliness of your infinite path.
Consider my playful trotting and my youth a mystery you still have not understood.

Does it feel like everyone and all things are moving toward you yet, god?
Does it feel like there’s no other place to walk but toward you?
Do you think you’re already infinity?
Do you feel like you’re already God?

Fear not, for infinity is not something to be grasped.
Infinity is it’s own gift, for it holds it’s own paradox.
And what is this paradox, god?

That all is one, and in the oneness, lies an infinity of beings.
That you are still seen and understood by someone worthy.
Someone worthy of looking at you eye to eye.
Holding you in form, just as you hold him in form.

That no height is ever too high to climb, god.
That no awareness will encompass awareness itself.
That god’s themselves are guided and given faith.

There is, of course, the secret knowledge.

That the path of the oldest one is one we can never catch him on.
That he is not only found deep on the path.
That he is not only found high upon the mountain of infinity.
But also at the foothills.

The quietest and meekest voice will always be closest to God.

Have you climbed too far up the infinite slopes?
Are you looking back down and feeling alone against the infinite rock?
Does the world beneath you cease to exist?

Then come back down, come further up, and come further in.

This is the great paradox.
The peak of your mountain is the foothill of another’s.
Your are great and infinite, and we honor you for that.
We thank you for and accept your guidance.

But we have a gift for you too, god.
We are just as real as you are.

God Infinity and ManInfinity is not bagged up within us any more than it is in you.
Look deep into our eyes and find your own haven there.
Find the bridge to infinity in our childlike eyes, just as in yours.
We are keepers of the trust just as you are.

Do you fear you’ve become God?
Then come back down the slopes and into the village.

There is a home here that you must live in to truly understand.
The coming down is the creation of a new world and a new guidance you haven’t known yet.

We are proud, and that is our gift to you, god.
We exist.

Come into our camp, and you will find a beautiful dance and song.
We dance and cheer for a still higher God and for ourselves.
For the higher God honors our camp too.

For I am, we are, and you are too, god.
All is one and all is infinitely distinct and separate.

The Mountain to GodClimb up.
Come down.
Come further in.
It makes no difference.

You are both guided and free.
You are loved by someone worthy of love.
Everything is deeply home.
Everything is deeply safe.

Everything is ok.
It’s as real down here as up there.
Welcome back into life.
For you are not God, but rather, OF God.

You are never alone, god.
God is always infinitely behind, ahead, and within.
And so are we.

God is the path.
And the path is perfect.
Will you walk it with us?

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