I Can Feel You Here – Moments in Perfection

It is been in the most mundane of moments –
When something switches on in my brain of its own accord.
Like a wire was crossed before, but now it is not.
Immediately, the air around me seems to come alive – electric.

As I trace the sponge across the next dish,
I suddenly feel every movement like a dance.
Every twitch and contraction of every muscle –
every motion feels perfectly choreographed.

If sweetness could be felt through sense of touch, I’ve suddenly felt it.
My skin feels a strange buzz, as if I just took a caffeine shot.

My mind and heart suddenly open with a strange knowing –
perhaps a remembering of something long forgotten yet always near.
Every concern is all at once released with a smile –
as I remember my purpose, which exists in every moment.
It is a deep smile – a full smile – a smile I forgot I had.

Suddenly, I feel every object I lay eyes on –
like an energy line runs between us.

I can feel the love genius at the core of everyone and everything.
Anyone who comes to mind appears as a higher self.
“I can feel you here,” I whisper to God, friends, my lover, and life itself –
“I can feel you.”

The veil slips away, and I connect to the real beings that were always there.

The breath rushes out of my lungs and my eyes widen in astonishment –
as an energy wave rushes over me and elevates my every sense.
It is in this moment that I know you have heard me.

You – reading this, you writing this –
Even you holding a space for this to exist.
I can feel you.

It is in this moment, that I know I’m standing in the middle of perfection.
I know I am a unique perfection brushing up against perfection.
I always have been.
I know you are here, and you are perfection too.

Tears gather at the corner of my eyes –
even as a soothingly cool angelic hand seems to graze my face.
I can feel the power of love’s energy reverberating in every atom –
Inescapable. It vibrates in all things..

This is a strange, hidden power.
I am in you, and you are in me.
I can feel you.

Somehow, being this close and feeling the depth of your beauty –
it makes me long all the more to dive further into you.
Somehow, the closer I get, the more I remember your infinity.
Must that mean I truly forgot you?
What is this strange trick?

Is it possible that I miss you –
even as I am already falling into you?

Nothing can stop this dive.
I don’t want to stop it.
Must love be my deep fate?

So be it.

I can feel you in all things.

Om Shanti

Thank you.

– Austin