The Picture Will Remind Me of You

A Poem written to my beautiful wife, Haley – to the tune of this song:

My soul is tied up in yours in this moment.
Every drop of my emotion is fused to the gentle touch of your love.

The deeper I gaze into the eyes of love,
the more she gazes back and through my every cell.

When I imagine the infinity of experiences ahead of me on this eternal path –
the faces, people, loves had, and loves lost,
I can’t help but notice –
The fingers of my heart clinging to yours through all eternity.

If we should continue forward into infinity,
and if all the world should bend and morph into an endless array of new things,
I shall keep this one selfish, familiar thing for me –

In the depth of my spirit,
I will carry the snapshot and picture of our love in this transcendent moment.

I will carry it forward.

So that all faces and experiences that follow –
all loves had and loves lost –
All shall feel a hidden and secret familiarity.

In the face of every love, I will see the twinkle of your gentle soul.

I will afford myself this selfishness –
I will allow this picture of our souls entwined to continue on.
It shall remain unchanged – you shall remain unchanged.

I will keep this picture.
I will bring you with me,
to be with me for all ages, all lives past and present-

The picture kept will remind me.

Our love shall live on through all other hearts –
through all other moments.

In this way, I will never forget you.
All of existence will feel the ice and fire of my love for you.
All of existence will be my reminder – my perfect photograph.

In this way,
all of existence will feel and be our home.

I love you, Haley Monster.

Austin Sign

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