Do Not Be A Slave To Thoughts

You will be slave to no man and no lesser thought.

Your burden is not the difficulty of life.
It is not your daily struggles that weigh you down.

Your burden is to live under the tyranny of lesser thoughts.
Heavy is the yoke of a lowly thought made high,
For it begs desperately to sink.

Whether it be yours or someone else’s,
may no thought become an idol for you.

It is the reverence of fools to labor under any authority that does not make them free.
But you are not a fool are you?

Look deep,
And know that is not in your obedience but in your epiphanies that authority is discovered.
Indeed, you must follow a rule after all, for it is madness not to.

Yet let your rule be of a special character.
Should anyone ask of it, may it be the task of bagging infinity to describe it.

May the explosion of insight in your own mind light the way.
May you bow to no thought that has not been divinely illuminated for you.

Thus will you bow only to beautiful thoughts.
Your peace and cooperation among men will not be a cowardly compromise.
Instead, a triumph.

May your power and peace burst from the well-spring within you.
May you consult your own window on infinity for answers.

This mystery I give you:
The power is not you, but it is in you.
The power is infinitely explosive,
yet steadier and more peaceful than any rock or any meadow.

May your journey inward reveal the key to this great mystery.
May you release its power into the world.

That is your only true duty to any thought.
To release its gift, should it have one, into the world.


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